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The Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2, 2nd May 2022, Written Episode Update: Ram Makes Priya Feel Beautiful!


The Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2, 2nd May 2022, Written Episode Update: Ram Makes Priya Feel Beautiful!: Today’s episode starts with Mahender as he taunts Priya and says that her ego will break one day and destroy her. He leaves. Meera cries. Here daughters console her. Ram feels worried looking at Meera. Priya says that Mahender does the same always and this is not new. Sara says but this time, she feels that Mahender will do something bad. Priya says that no marriage breaks due to a third person, and asks her to see her and Ram’s relationship and how good it is going. Ram and Priya look at each other. Meera says that she doesn’t want to lose Ishaan, Ram turns and finds Ishaan there. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2 written update

Here, Mahender wonders how Ram has also gone against. Varun comes there and asks him how dare he tried to make Ishan run away. Mahender asks him to pack his bags and leave for Delhi and he had no other idea so he did that. Varun asks how can he do this to his son.  There, Ishan says that he came to find Varun but he is not here so he is leaving. Sara says she is here only and asks him to stay. Ram says that they all are waiting for Ishan as everyone said till Varun won’t come they won’t give him cupcakes.

Ram then asks Ishan what he likes, Ram says that he knows that he likes experiments and all. Ishan says but he doesn’t know about science labs in Mumbai. Ram says that he can do experiments in the cafe’s kitchen. Ishan asks how and it is not possible. Ram says why not. They all go to the kitchen, Ram asks Sara to be his assistant. Sara gives him a glass in which Ram pours a Cold drink and then asks for baking soda. Sara gives it to him and Ram puts it in the cold drinks and asks Ishan to see his reaction.


He shows to him and says that these bubbles are a reaction. Later, he puts more soda in the glass and the cold drink comes up and splashes. Ishan claps and gets happy. Ram asks him is it good? Ishan says yes. Priya then asks Sara to come with them for the Alibagh trip. Sara denies it but then decides to ask Varun about the same.

Here, Mahendra and Varun are arguing, Mahendra asks Varun to end his drama of acting like a father. Varun is not his son but Sara’s former boyfriend’s son and he had paid him to get married to Sara. Varun threatens Mahender and leaves. In the car, Ram argues with Priya thinking that she invited everyone on the trip to Alibagh. Later, you will see Varun joins hands with Mahender and Shashi. Watch the full episode of “Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2” on Sony Tv at 8 pm.

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