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Debunked: Is THAT VEGAN TEACHER DEAD OR ALIVE? Social Media TikTok Death Hoax!


Debunked: Is THAT VEGAN TEACHER DEAD or Alive? TikTok Death Hoax Debunked: Previously some time ago a news was spreading on Social media that a Vegan Teacher has died. She is an animal rights activist and an internet personality. So she has a very huge fan following. Because she is an animal activist, suddenly a piece of news went viral on the internet that she is no more.  She has passed away. That was a piece of old news because she was absolutely fine. Someone spread her death news hoax. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

That Vegan Teacher

Is That Vegan Teacher Dead or Alive?

But in 2022 again her death news hoax is going viral on the internet again. Whether is she fine, she is busy in her life. She is particularly known for promoting veganism in a controversial way. Sometimes she became the reason for her own many controversies. Most of the promotions are done for Veganism through songs. Meanwhile, she is a Spotify playlist of her original creations. She became a headline through whole over the world after asking renowned chef Gorden Ramsay to go vegan. Later on, her death hoax went viral on the internet.

That Vegan Teacher Death Hoax Debunked

As we know that she is known for promoting veganism through her social media account. in 2021 news was spreading on the internet that a vegan teacher has been passed away. But after an investigation found that, it was just a rumor. Someone wanted to circulate the death hoax news to a Vegan teacher. But in 2022, once again this news circulated on the internet repeatedly.

Such fake information noted that she died by hanging from a noose in her house in North Carolina. Other rumors had stated that she died after being stabbed by an understood male.

As per the investigation, the first news was circulated on TikTok. It reads that she had committed suicide after reading a comment on her TikTok account. the comment apparently circulated that “she was horrid Add A Psychopath forcing Vegan Religion on Everone”.

Other fake news also claimed that a former Vegan teacher had planned a protest for a proper funeral. Some had demanded a statue for her and her ashes to be spread in the atmosphere.

The Vegan teacher is still alive but she has been banned from the TikTok, she was banned after amassing a whopping 1.6 million followers.

The Vegan teacher’s real name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer. She is a Canadian citizen and was born on 24 September 1964. She had started her career as a medical worker then she turned into ESL teachings but had to leave the job due to Covid.

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