Recently the tech giant Elon musk is remaining on the news headline for various reasons disputes progress prices inflation chips semiconductors electric vehicles space programs and software technologies he is all surrounded by activities and recently as Elon musk is very popular for his tweets he again came to light for his recent reply as some individual on Twitter asked him if Tesla is planning on lowering the prices of cars. to know the full news continue reading on for further details mentioned in the passage below. Follow More Update On

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at the recent Friday conference meeting with the media, Elon Musk is asked the question of lower prices because of the raised prices and the pandemic less affected him and his supply chain was disturbed because of this lockdown also many projects are delayed for Tesla. As a reply to the question that if Tesla is planning on lowering the Tesla car’s price Elon musk said if the inflation comes down he will reduce the prices,

Recently there is a statement that came from the tech giant and the world’s richest man Alan musk he claims that Tesla will reduce electric vehicle prices shortly if inflation slows down and it will also give special discounts for some premium customers. musk has over a hundred million followers on Twitter his reply to the question is delivered to every false single individual follower.

As inflation is increasing the US market has never seen in the past 41 years this much higher prices of products and the consumer prices for many commodities have increased to 9.1% which is nearly the highest of the past half-century. As this question is a reasonable one because Tesla has increased the car prices several times in the past few months and this decision is discouraging for Tesla enthusiasts because Elon Musk’s cars are very famous in the automobile industry.

and Elon musk explains this sad that the aluminum and lithium that are used in cars have increased in cost and prices of gasoline and food or somehow maintained by the government but the other commodities like cars and utilities have increased like never before and this inflation affecting the companies like Tesla making them increased the prices of their product and reduce the number of workers in their company.

as many companies are laying off their employees Tesla is one of them as the reduction in the amount of staff will reduce the expenditure of the company as revenue is going down. also, there is a struggle over the semiconductor chips for car batteries and lithium prices are also increased which is an essential raw material for the car battery.

and the world’s richest man Alan musk is also affected by this increased inflation as he also said that with every coming day there is a risk advancing for recession and that is giving him a very bad feeling as the economy is going down and prices of every desired product are increased in the market and this rate of increasing prices is reducing the number of customers for the product.


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