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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Back On Twitter After 10-Day Hiatus


There is news that Elon musk has recently the largest break as it has been nine days since Tesla CEO Elon musk told on the digital platform after muting for five-year breaking silence and revealed some mind-blowing facts on the 44 billion deal to buy Twitter and make it part of Tesla that was put on hold. as the CEO Parag Aggarwal information on the exact number of bots and spam accounts on the social media platform, it is not going to happen and affairs related to the deal and other meetings are not going to happen between both. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Elon Musk Tesla Earnings

Twitter had last posted on June 20-20 22 over the battle between Tesla and the USA Federal Communications Commission FCC, over the broadcast and social media platform usage as they attempt to bent on switching a satellite spectrum to a Cellular spectrum In an unethical manner and if they succeeded in it. that would be a problem and will bother everyone around the globe and leave a very messy and difficult-to-solve kind of manner.

Tesla took at most a 4 day of break from the tweeter mostly to post new updates but this time he took around nine days of Silence, which created suspense among his million viewers and news reporters who seek news mostly which are ground breaking, and the news related matters mostly what he delivers on the social media tweeter but this tweeting habits of has been delayed this time as mostly news channels seek and follows him as a News source for media.

Elon musk periodically updates reviews and about his company’s latest product and space projects. which are related to automobile industry vehicles, space projects his company is leading into, and many other latest software projects he is currently involved in and this time he revealed on mute when the Tesla second quarter after several obstacles he faced in running his manufacturing in shanghai in  China, over the lockdown of the pandemic which stopped all activities in the factory and the shortage in semiconductors delaying his projects which is affecting the cost per vehicle that it has to increase and many other reveals he do on the social media.

SpaceX is currently busy in a process of developing a starship, a huge space vehicle that will be floating in outer space around the earth researching and it will also act like a space station in outer earth that will conduct research and other operations from out there. it is programming and manufacturing the space vehicle starship project. Unmaskers Elon musk is considered the most successful among other tech giants because of his innovative ideas and the latest technology he introduced to consumers and other facilities in accordance to support their projects he turned 51 last year and his followers post wishes on his blog on Twitter account.

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