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Teen Girl So Infested With Head Lice Viral Video Explained!


These days a strange video is going viral on social media which is looking weird. In a viral TikTok video, A teenage girl’s hair was so overrun with lice, the lice were crawling down her hair scalp and “from her face the lice drinking the blood”. Rachel runs a lice clinic and posts clips on daily basis from her clinic on social media platforms, documenting the utmost cases of nits. A girl whose age is around 13 years old visits Rachel’s clinic which are based in Australia with what could be one of the inferior infestations of head lice as the owner of the clinic Rachel shot the client’s hair realistically alive with hundreds of lice.

Teen Girl So Infested With Head Lice

Teen Girl So Infested With Head Lice Video 

The specialist head lice removal talked people through the treatment, stated “Welcome back to the lice clinic, we have a huge treatment today so get your hairnets on, and let’s watch it. “So my 1st thought when a client enters like this oh my god. This is an entire dang lot of scoundrel. My second thought is, can we cut her hair and make her hair shave? I am just joking.

A teenager has long, brown hair but it changes with blood-sucking adults, laying hundreds of eggs, turning her beautiful hair almost in grey color. Rachel further said “Sometimes we used to shave the hair of people, but I seriously don’t want to shave the head of this lovely girl she is just 13 years old and she has beautiful long hair. I am not interested in shaving her hair and take away from her.”

So viewers as you can clearly see these layers of lice are just having a complete rave in her hair. These lice take total control of her hair and according to me, there were more lice rather than strands of hair on her head. The viewers can see these lice all are dropping in her jumper and all over her legs and arms. They were completely everywhere and here you guys can watch these lice have not got more space in the hair so they are now crawling onto her face and also drinking blood out of her face.”The video clip shared at the starting of August gathered more than 55 million views and it can be watched that people demanded an update on it. After that Rachel shared the video part on the site on Monday confirming “Now her hair looks so much better now.”

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