How To Use Instagram Dark Mode Support And Safety Feature
Image Source: (Daily Express)

How To Use Instagram Dark Mode Support And Safety Feature: Instagram has also started Dark Mode. The company was testing for this feature for some time and now its update is being released. Dark mode is offered on both Android and iOS platforms. The company is also providing security features with new updates.

  • Dark mode support is being provided in Instagram
  • Android 10 and iOS 13 users will get this feature!

After the new update of Instagram, there are some features other than Dark Mode. Soon, you are removing the following tab from the activity feed of Instagram, from where users see other’s Instagram activity. Talking about dark mode, your smartphone should have iOS 13 or Android 10 to use it.

Dark mode is given in iOS 13 and Android 10. If you use this dark mode, then Instagram will also go into auto dark mode. However, if you have a pre-Android 10 version and it has a dark mode, you can still use Instagram dark. Many companies provide Android based UI and if it also supports dark mode, then in such a situation dark mode will support.

Instagram will have to update for new features

You will have to update Instagram to get the new feature. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Dark mode option will not be available in the app at the moment, that is, you cannot do it manually.

There are also security features in this update. To protect the users from phishing, the company will give a list of official email IDs inside a feature, so that the users can cross check and find that no wrong link has come up.


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