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TCS Can Roll Out Chip Based E-Passports In 2022


Recently there is a piece of news going trending on the social media platforms and major news sources as the news come it is technology-oriented and the major leading technical organization these days modifying and innovating new technology to make the operations and performance of systems for faster results and this news is also a part of Indian external affair ministry passport issue tender with now chip fixed passports and this the technology-oriented organization TCS tata consultancy services, the news is as this is TCS’s tender renewed for the second time for the managing the passports making and renewal and for full details on new passport modification continue reading below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


As TCS is now going to introduce new Tech-based chip fitted passports, developing the advanced tech-based passports which will be compressed with a biometric accessible chip this process will be initiated by the end of this year and this is revealed but the TEJ BHATIA, the head of public sector business unit, TCS will also be going to inaugurate a new command and control unit for the data backup and storage for the backend developers requirement of this new project, this new unit will be monitored under the commands of MEA, TCS will be serving its second term of the passport management tender

As soon as the ministry of external affairs MEA, will pass the regulations for the new action to proceed for the initiation of the chipped passports to start making and issuing, The TCS will issue the new passports on the chip-based as these chips are already in the process of making and these passports with chips will be issued for new and also for the circulating passports that will be renewed with new passports having a nano chip, As the ongoing process of issuing passports chip-based there is a shortage in the chips worldwide so the process is going slow as compony claims it will pass 15-20 million passports annually, for this passport version the MEA will have a new set of rules and regulation and will have a joint command center for passport,

TCS is an India-based organization and one of India’s largest business organizations TATA, is involved in many fields of tech and others like TATA STEEL, Tata consultancy services TCS, and TATA automobiles and is also involved in software development now and it is now maintaining government projects making them easing and fast results, in this same is involved in making and issuing passports of India, also manages IRCTC Indian rail, and  Indian post.

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