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Who is Taylor J. Anderson? IMG Teacher Arrested Charged With Having S*x With Student


Who is Taylor J. Anderson? IMG Teacher Arrested Charged With Having S*x With Student: A piece of shocking news is coming into headlines that have amazed everyone literally. The news is all about a teacher who has been arrested on charges of physical involvement with a student. This news has come out as a big shock. The news has come from Bradenton, Fla. However, this type of news is not coming for the first time into the light. Since the news has come out, many people are searching for the whole matter. To find out the whole matter from the beginning, you need to check out this post and read it carefully.

Taylor J. Anderson IMG Teacher Arrested

Who is Taylor J. Anderson?

According to the sources, a teacher whose name is Taylor J. Anderson has been arrested after being involved physically with a student, the Manatee County Sheriff’s office confirmed this news. The teacher at the IMG Academy was caught by the authorities on Monday. It has been reported that the school staff assigned the detectives on September 14 when they have a doubt about the sexual relationship between Taylor and the student. The student also confessed in front of the head of school that he was having sex with the teacher. After the news come out, IMG Academy suspended the teacher from the campus but after some time, it was terminated.

Taylor J. Anderson IMG Teacher Arrested

IMG Teacher Arrested

During the investigation, the detectives have got to know that the two were in touch with each other over few weeks through text messages, social media platforms, and direct messages. Apart from his, it was also revealed that in July, the teacher took the student to the beach from the apartment of the students. The two were involved physically at the beach inside Taylor’s vehicle. The detectives have got to know many things about the student and teacher’s relationship but many details have yet to be revealed.

Taylor J. Anderson IMG Teacher Arrested

Taylor has declined to speak to the detectives and called for her right to get legal advice in this matter. However, the search warrants for her residence, mobile phone, and vehicle, have already been written. The evidence was also collected by the detectives along with the student’s statement and the data from his mobile phone, all this evidence and proof had been used to make a strong case against the teacher. Taylor was charged with sexual battery by the authorities, carrying harmful material to a minor, and traveling to meet a minor. The interrogation is still going on and the police are trying their best to get a hard punishment for the teacher. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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