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Tamil Nadu Traffic Cop ‘Slaps’ Food Delivery Agent On Camera


Tamil Nadu Traffic Cop ‘Slaps’ Food Delivery Agent On Camera: Accidents happen every day these days. No one knows what will happen the next moment. The future is unpredictable. Some people were lucky to survive the accident while some were not. Recently the news has come out that the cop has slapped the delivery person at a traffic junction. The video went viral on the internet. Many people wanted to know what really happened to the delivery person. Why did the policeman slap him in the face? In this article, we are going to discuss what really happened between the cop and the delivery man. So without wasting time. let’s get started. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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The incident took place last evening at Fun Mall signal where the deliverer was locating the house to deliver the food. Suddenly, he met a cop who was beating him on the road without giving any reason. At first, he was shocked and could not understand the reason behind the police beating him. He kept asking why he was beating me. Give the reason for the beating but he did not reply. Passersby were making a video of him. The name of the delivery person was Mohansundaram. He was 38 years old. And he works in a Swiggy for the last two years. He was earning a good amount. everything was OK. Until this happened it happened to him.

What exactly happened to him?

He was delivering food and ascertaining the location. Halfway through he saw a private school bus driver driving at a high speed and recklessly. The bus was about to hit two two-wheelers and a passerby near a mall on a busy road. His intention was to stop the bus and no one was hit by the pedestrian. But unfortunately, during this time things went the opposite for him. The traffic policemen caught him and slapped him several times. He snatched his mobile phone and damaged his motorcycle. The video was recorded by a passerby. You can see it on Twitter. The full video is available there.

After this incident, many people were commenting that it was not their fault in this. He was trying to help passersby. The matter has reached the next level and the police are probing it. If there is an update, we will definitely let you know. Till then follow this site.

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