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Taliban Torturing Women Video Goes Viral: Taliban Already Torturing Women Says Afghanistan Witness!


There has been so much which has been talked about Afghanistan in the past two or three weeks to a point where the whole world is talking about what is happening in Afghanistan and how it is affecting the people living there. It has been stated by a woman since they seized the power of 15th August after the allies and the United States withdrew most of the military presence within the country. As Taliban ruled the country when we talk about the late 90s.

Taliban Torturing Women Video

Taliban Torturing Women Video

It was pretty common that violence and public executions of women were too frequent in those times, women were contained to their own homes for the most part in the times, Taliban lost power in the year 2001 as there was an invasion of the US in response to the terrorist attacks in New York on 11th September in the year 2001.

It has been stated they seized power back last weekend, it seems like the militant group is looking to send a strong message about how they have changed and now the woman in Afghanistan are going to have more rights which they didn’t have in the previous regime as long as they are going to comply with the Sharia law.

It seems the group has vowed on Tuesday, they are going to respect women and are going to forgive those who fought for them but there are still several reports which are coming up of women still getting beaten up and about them being tortured and people are also being executed.

Taliban Already Torturing Women

The woman who fled to leave Afghanistan who is going to remain anonymous has stated Taliban are never going to respect and value the rights of women. There are several reports which are coming as women are afraid to walk the streets in Afghanistan, it has been confirmed by the woman who gave an interview to ITV News.

She stated the women are pretty scared to wear some clothes and walking on the street as the women are afraid of the group who are going to torture them just because they are wearing something different.

It seems like it isn’t easy at the place and this needs to be changed, many of the people on the internet totally agree with the woman, how did they change their stance out of nowhere, if they have not been respecting for decades now, how can they change their mindset just like that, something is really fishy about all of this.

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