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Taliban Net Worth 2021: What Will the Taliban Do With a $22 Billion Economy? Where Does the Taliban Get its Money From? Explained!


Taliban is an extremist group that has about $3 trillion worth of cash which they stole, they have drug money, they have oil and other natural resources in Afghanistan and it seems like they are the world’s richest terror outfit. they seized control over the country just in two weeks after Joe Biden has ordered all of the military men to return to their country and this has resulted in capturing of Afghanistan, they have got hold of untapped underground wealth.

Taliban Net Worth 2021

Taliban Net Worth 2021

the country also has several provinces which are flushed with iron, gold, copper, and many other deposits which are worth around $2.75 trillion, in the year 2010, there was an oilfield that was discovered having an estimate of 1.8 billion barrels which are worth $140 Billion. It has also been reported that Afghanistan is having one of the largest deposits of Lithium, it is a high and scarce element that is considered to be highly valuable which is needed for the production of batteries as the demand for fossil fuels and electric cars are continuing to increase.

Most of the nation’s wealth when it comes to minerals has reminded underground for decades owing to decades of instability and war and it seems like, Taliban is going to be tapping on the untouched reserves.┬áIt seems like the Terror group can opt for modern business ways and they can sell contracts to countries such as China, it has also been stated the country has 2.2 billion tonnes of iron ore which is worth $343 Billion and has an estimated 3 Tonnes of Gold which is worth $170 Billion and in addition to this, the country has 500 million barrels which are of natural gas.

According to the data of NATO, the Taliban are already making $ 46 Billion a year as they are mining iron ore, copper, marble, gold, and zinc, they also have massive profits from the global heroin trade, contributions from allies, real estate and also stolen US military weapons which are seized from the fallen army of Afghan.

Also, Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of Opium and this can become the primary source of income for the Taliban, they have also been involved in the narcotics trade of the country and they have reaped millions from Opium extraction, trafficking, and also by taxing drug labs and then they by charging heft fees to ship it all across Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, Middle East, and Russia.

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