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Taiwan Accuses Chinese Apple Supplier Stealing Commercial Secrets


Recently there is a news coming from the technology and innovation companies as these days the form fraud market or the forgery activities are happening around the globe at where large scale and the suppliers and dealers are accused by the regulators of the different countries as another stealing event has come to the light as recently Taiwanese prosecutors accused Chinese Apple supplier for stealing the commercial secrets from the Taiwan suppliers and poaching its workforce to benefit itself as Bhai winning the orders of supplies from the US company as this is reported on Friday and the steel amount is very large as it had accused 14 people under the charges. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


As Taiwan’s regulators’ agency or concerned for the island’s technical powers and connections with the threat of losing them all because of the Chinese farms or trying to steal and poach away the talent from Taiwan to benefit itself and these illegal activities or underhand from the eyes of regulators as the government is now coming to action and taking necessary measures to stop this illegal poaching of talent.

As Chinese companies plan to try to invade the Taiwan chain and connection with foreign countries and Chinese companies are trying to steal their orders from the US markets and other contacts under this procedure, Taiwan’s regulator agencies have investigated for a period of years and a half and they found that these Chinese farms are targeting Taiwan’s computer catcher technology Co Ltd as some of the Chinese stealing firms are also came to light and Chinese Luxshare precision industry Co Ltd, is the company that is been accused by Taiwan’s regulators.

As Luxshare is planning to steal the contacts and other delicate information of Taiwan’s company and trying to steal the orders of Taiwan lease company from unfair means and this company of China is luring the employees of the Taiwan company and development teams of Taiwan companies by missing them promising them high salaries and in exchange of the information as this is done by Chinese companies because it wants to build a factory for production as soon as possible for making the cases of iPhone and iPads to be become a leading company in the market and steal the market of Taiwanese companies by these unfair means. Till Now apple and the Chinese company both are posing quietly and have not issued any official statement in the media regarding this accusation.

As the Taiwanese company regulator or being stripped over this man matter to maintain fair competitiveness in the overseas market and accused the Chinese 14 personals for doing this as these 14 people or charge because of infiltrating and betraying the company commercial trust and stealing the Delhi Gate information from the company’s data and put shit ports it over she’s companies also added to that of the day are involved in manipulating the chip engineers other development involved personals from Taiwanese companies to the Chinese in exchange of this information as the Taiwan regulators have said that they have raided 10 companies premises and also did investigate their operation as they are working in Taiwan without approval as their activities are suspended for now.

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