T-series Bhushan Kumar has filed a complaint against a fraud who was availing on the name of Bhusan Kumar by using the same whats app display picture and name. When Bhusan Kumar got to know through the industry and colleagues that someone is trying to defame him by doing fraud stuff like demanding for compensation and money on the name of audition or other Bollywood or music projects. Therefore T series has filed a criminal activity complaint on the person who was using his name and misleading the upcoming talents.

The complaint including Several IPC Sections.

The Complaint has filed in Amboli Police station under several sections including  415, 416, 417, 419, 420 of IPC, forgery for the purpose of cheating under Section 468 of IPC, infringement under Section 63 of the Indian Copyright Act and disparagement of the name, reputation, character of  Mr. Bhushan Kumar & the brand image of T-Series in the industry. As well as for the misdeeds have committed under the Information Technology Act, 2000 including but not limited to identity theft u/s 66C, cheating by personation u/s 66D, etc.

Bhushan Kumar Filed Complaint Against Fraudsters

Well, it is not the first time when someone did this kind of criminal activity it’s going on in the industry. It happens usually, but it’s a different thing that we can’t even say that what a man is hiding in his self. Just in the greed of money people do such kind of things without thinking about the end as well as about the results.

The man who caught better say the fraudster was claiming that he is a part of the T series. And has been approaching the artists for their home production for Bhool Bhulaiya 2. The swindler was not only approaching the actors but also demanding for money to bring them to the set. Therefore the swindler has to hit the bricks because of this big fraud. This incident will not just defame the brand image of t series but also put the questions on Bhushan Kumar’s image because he is also going through different kinds of allegations.

The production company has filed the case on July 8th. for approaching actors, makeup and hair artists as well for a music video which will be shooting in goa by 2 prominent singers by saying that money matters in this kind of deal with such kinda musical artists said fraud through a whats app chat.

One of the Spokespeople from the production of t series said that the intentions clearly seems that the man was trying to pull down the name as well as the reputation of Mr. Bhushan Kumar. The spokesperson also added that neither Mr. Bhushan Kumar nor t series is an organization that demands money or any kind of registration fee for approaching the artists to auditions.

Therefore we would like to request to all the upcoming talents in the industry not to fall in any deal who seems like this, we work with verified and registered casting agencies so not give money to such fraudster. The one more biggest thing is that limelight attracts you brutally so stay away believe in your hard work one day you must achieve the fame which you deserve.


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