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T.J. Ward and Ron Rivera Twitter controversy explained: Former DB T.J. Ward Comment on Ron Rivera cancer


T.J. Ward has been declared about his retirement from the team in the month of April, But it looks like he will be in the same loop as NFL,¬†The aged coach of the Washington Football Team, Mr. Ron Rivercomes put and he shows up his frustration on the tweeter. He has been tweeted that “I frustrated and teased. I’m genuinely saying that are i’;m frustrated. The reason for wearing the mask as my immunity is weak.”

T.J. Ward and Ron Rivera Twitter controversy

T.J. Ward and Ron Rivera Twitter controversy 

T.J. Ward has been 0cpmmeneted on this tweet. And his comment is getting viral now.

Ward Wrote: “Just park your river beast at the side. His head; this smoothing which is beyond the coronavirus complications. It is a time to let it go and ignored it.” He doesn’t stop there and continues his words, so he further wrote, “never ever tried to blame the players for your life and health. Whereas sometimes you have to pay for sometimes.”

“Cancer is something which has been in my family for so long and to even destroyed many lives. So it’s your own body and you are the only one who can make it healthy or even started it. For this must have to be active and take a healthy diet. So stay concerned and healthy for your health.”

Rivera has been found a health issue which has been later diagnosed and in the year 2020, he has been tested negative for cancer. And this one age was the greater news for him as a sport ‘person. But he is suffering from the complications of covid 19.

Ex NFL star responses to Backlash:-

Later T.J. Ward fleet guilty for his tweets and he uses to delete them too. Then he some up in front of everyone to clear up his side.

Later he used to tweet,” going to talk about it this one last time. I wasn’t trying to make fun of anyone’s health. Or didn’t even trying to hurt anyone. I know no one wants to choose cancer and what I was trying is to just clear up some things. As you all know so you must also know about my support froth people suffering from cancer. Even I also get affected with this once.”

Some of his fans use to appreciate his words and courage to talk about it and the way he Clears out things. Stay glued for more updates.

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