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Syed Basit Ali Minar E Pakistan Girl Incident Full Video Viral On Twitter Explained!


Fayyazul Hassan Chohan is a Punjab Government spokesperson who has been accursed the most disheartening incident of Minar-e-Pakistan, consist of an assaulted woman by a mob and he also assured that the culprits are finding out with the help of the CCTV footage. He further said that “that behave of the mob with an innocent woman is the most shameful act for the society which took place at the Greater Iqbal Park.” The accused will definitely get justice as this case is under investigation and the process of identifying culprits is still on its way.

Minar E Pakistan Girl Incident Video 

Syed Basit Minar E Pakistan Girl Incident Full Video 

The video of the incident goes viral on social media after which the officials comes in an action to take sudden action against the men who were involved in attacking a woman while she was in a park with her four other friends and faced a mischievous behavior of the men mon while she was celebrating an Independence Day. The women were making Tik Tok videos and there were around 400 men in the mob who are now in the FIR registration against assaulting a woman.


Bilawal Bhutto a PPP chairperson, given a statement, “in which he slammed the event and asked a government to those culprits.” He further added that the assault with a woman in a society is lead to the most shameful act for each and every single Pakistani. We just need to look ahead to make our women feel safe and secure.

The police are gonna take this case as a challenge and I am also assured that the case will be going to end at driving justice to the victim. Said Saharaiq Jmala Khan of DIG investigation. So he either mentions that just after registering the case police used to be working hard on the CCTV footage and they’re deeply investigating who was doing what. The case is strong and the statement of the victim was also registered by the police.

Minar E Pakistan Girl Incident Explained

There were four women in a peak and they were busy creating Tik Tok videos, meanwhile, a group of hundreds of men comether and they used to attack a woman. They snatched her mobile phone, beat her, tore her clothes, and robbed 15,000 of cash. This was the most shameful act. And they even snatched her gold rings and studs. The rest of the men were shooting a video and only a man comes forward to rescue a woman and he even helped her to get out of this park.

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