There is news that is spreading on the internet that Swavy who is a famous TikToker has passed away and the news has been spreading on the internet like total wildfire and this has been stated by an influencer who is a friend of his naming Damaury Mikula on the social media platform and you can watch the video on the internet in which you can see the influencer all teary as he is stating that Swavy has died.

Tiktok Swavy

Tiktok Swavy Death Video Explained

On the internet, he is known as Swavy but that is not his real name, the guy had about 2.3 million followers on the TIKTOK platform and there he goes by the name of BabyFace.S and the recent video that has been posted by the influencer has about 3 million views and after the news got viral, the people who used to watch his videos got really affected and the internet started pouring love for him and his family.

Tiktok Swavy Passed Away

The guy has been shot dead as it has been stated by Mikula and he further stated that all he used to do was make videos and he is going to be taking over him, It has been reported by the site Inside Eko that Matima Miller which is the real name of the influencer and he was living in Wilmington, Delaware has been shot dead which happened on Monday near block 700 at Elbert Place but it seems like that the authorities are yet to confirm the death of the influencer.

The last video that he shot on TIKTOK was on Sunday dating to the 4th of July and the comment section is all filled up as everyone is hoping that the news comes out to be untrue but it seems like that.

TikTok Swavy Real Name, Instagram, Bio, Age

Name Swavy
Instagram @swavy.lee
Profession TikTok Star
Age 19 Years
Net Worth $1M U.S.
Birth Place Dallas. U.S.
Girlfriend Yet To Update
Real Name Damaury Mikula
Died Date 6 July 2021
Current City Dallas. U.S.
Nationality American

Get India News has tried to get some updates about the situation and as they tried contacting the Wilmington, Police in Delaware in order to get a confirmation about the situation, We have also managed to reach out to the medical authorities in Wilmington and have tried to contact a family member to get some kind of update, the woman that represented the medical team stated that they will need to contact the Wilmington PD department for the news as the investigation is still going on.


  1. Like why him I don’t know him but ik he don’t do nun to nobody a lot of people like and love him and I can feel how his friends feel my friend died on July 4

  2. I’m Soo sorry that he passed he is a very nice guy you can tell by watching hi tiktok
    We will always love him no matter what rest in peace

    R. I. P. Swavy
    We will never forget you fly high

  3. Mann fuck another one of us Dallas Texas mfers gotta get shot dead and killed Dallas and Delaware is hurting like hell all of the supporters are sad ASF

  4. RiP swavy like I love him soo much I used to watch all his tik toks I feel so bad for his friends like and I watch all of his friends. Bro it was heart breaking to watch there friends crying bro like ❤️

  5. Why him. I watch his TikTok all the time and now he’s dead. No more videos. TikToks gonna lame without him. He was so innocent and nice. He was so goofy but kind hearted. He did not deserve this. Who ever killed him should be ashamed. His family should be ashamed. We lost a Beautiful soul. He was a brother, a uncle to baby Bella, and a best friend, also a son. Baby Bella does not know what’s going on now, but when she is old enough to understand, she will be devastated, also his brothers and his family, his best friend, destiny is so heart broken, they were so close its not gonna be the same without him. The killer took his life, he could have had a whole life ahead of him. But sadly passed away. I just can’t bare the feeling of how his family and friends feel, it was to soon for him to go. WHY HIM WHY. And the sad part is, he will never see baby Bella grow up…rest in peace swavy ( the killer should be executed)

  6. Yo that’s my older brother and they had to take him away why him me and him would always hang bro I swear this world I just want my brother back

  7. Sending my prayers and condolences to the family
    Your videos were so beautiful and very funny to watch
    Our black men’s is always taken too soon before they can enjoy life to the fullest
    I pray the Family strength to get thru this pain
    I know it not easy for I lost my son 11 yrs ago to the Choking Game so believe me when I say I feel the family pain I DO
    RIH Babyboy

  8. Rest in peace swavy I’m so sad why him tell me why the killer took his own life do they know how sad it is to cry all day hes family hes BFF and he’s brothers they had a great life together but now he’s gone we love you sway your name well always be reminded but now the killer is going to hell and swavy is in a safe place called heaven I’ll see you in heaven swavy my brother you died to soon


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