As you all might already know that Sushant Singh Rajput is dead and people are blaming nepotism for it. Sources are saying that the actor who has done work in MS Dhoni and many other Bollywood films has lost his faith in the Bollywood as well as the in the people around him. We are sorry because as a fan we always expected that the actor will believe in our love. Swara Bhasker is another name that came into the light in between this.

You all should know that the people are blaming Karan Johar as well as Alia Bhatt for the sudden death of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput. We have seen a lot of Bollywood people like Kangana Ranaut to Prakash Raj came out and stood against the nepotism in the Bollywood. The reports are coming that Swara Bhasker defended Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt as she has seen people are blaming them for his death.

Swara Bhaskar on sushant singh

Sources are saying that Swara Bhasker said that blaming them for Sushant’s demise was not only idiotic but also hypocritical. We can clearly see that she is trying to defend them and why? We don’t really know why she is trying to defend them in Bollywood. You all should know that she added that Sushant didn’t leave a note and we don’t know what he went through so it wouldn’t be good to take your frustration out in Bollywood celebs.

We are expecting to see some reaction from the people around the Bollywood about it. Even Karan penned an emotional note mourning Sushant’s death and he has the one who has given the chance to the people to blame on people. Overall, a very good actor is dead and now we have to stop and think about what really went wrong with him. It is a duty of Bollywood, It is a duty of people to stand against the wrong. Also, suicide isn’t the answer at all.


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