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Swab Testing Kit Scam: Beware Fake Test Sites for COVID-19


Swab Testing Kit Scam: An attorney from General Bonta released warnings for all Californians to beware of the illegitimate testing sites of Covid-19. Fake Covid-19 tests are rapidly taking place and General Bonta shows his concerns for the Californians, and he actively stated to them that they must have to be aware of all the unlawful covid-19 testing sites. It is clearly seen that the demand for the covid-19 test is consecutively increasing hence several testing websites are there on the web ensuring to provide a test of this deadliest virus. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Swab Testing Kit Scam

But scammers taking the advantage of the situation of a spike in cases and the individuals aren’t getting their right reports and they are becoming a part of scammers scandals. Due to these phony sites, the legitimate or legal health caring clinics and companies are on the pose and resulting in fake or wrong covid-19 reports of the individuals. These unverified users are just found a new way to earn money with their scams.

Sometimes it is difficult to be a spot that they are fake as the look and feel of these sites are real and it appraises the legitimate sites only even their services of covid-19 test look realistic. As per the reports of FTC, these unverified sites claims not to charge a penny for the test but later they ended up charging money for it. However, after they received the payments no reports of individual tests were given to them. Their only intention is to commit fraud and behind testing, they ask the patient to fill in their personal details.

While here are some of the details on how to avoid testing site scams as well as how to confirm whether these testing sites are legitimate or not?

Tips to Avoid COVID-19 Testing Site Scams:-

  • Get your test done from the verified COVID-19 testing sites only by using the California Department of Public Health’s test site search tool. You may get the site from your county’s public health department website at COVID19.CA.GOV’s Hotlines and Local Info web page.
  • Determinate and avoid “lookalike” websites: Before entering your personal details all you need to be looking at the URL check the spelling.
  • Be cautious of unbidden calls concerning testing sites: Any of the verified copies will not text you or call you without your concern or permission. If you are receiving calls and messages without your permission then it is from unverified sites.
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