Home News Suspects Arrested in the Murder of Mobile Rapper HoneyKomb Brazy’s Grandparents!

Suspects Arrested in the Murder of Mobile Rapper HoneyKomb Brazy’s Grandparents!


Suspects Arrested in the Murder of Mobile Rapper HoneyKomb Brazy’s Grandparents!: Recently, there is a report came out that four people were charged in the shooting in 2021. In the 2021 fire and shooting that killed an Alabama rapper’s grandparents, four persons were accused of murder, including a convicted drug kingpin. On February 17, 2021, Leila and Tony Lewis, grandparents of Mobile artist HoneyKomb Brazy, died after shots were fired at their Mobile home and it was set ablaze. Approximately a year, four people were charged with their murder. Follow More Update OnΒ GetIndiaNews.com

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Daring DD Jamarak Southall who was 39 years old was found guilty in the case of running a $24 million drug empire in Mobile. He was charged with several counts of shooting into an occupied dwelling and murder according to WKRG. The other three suspects whose names are Terrance Watkins, Jamarcus Chambers, and the third who was still missing. These three persons are founded guilty in the case of involving the drug supplying. They were charged with murder in the Lewis death. The Lewises were grandparents to HoneyKomb Brazy whose real name was Nahshon Jones. On social media, many were giving tributes to his grandparents. Many were giving RIP Comments and saying that my best wishes are always with you. Some also say that my deepest condolences from the bottom of my heart are always with you and your family.

The Mobile rapper said that he was pleased with them to move out of Mobile so they wouldn’t be caught in my presence. The mobile county assistant district attorney Louis walker said that the arrests marked a breakthrough in the case. We are very grateful to say that the district attorney’s office is able to at this point make and approve charges in light of the Mobile Police Department’s hard work, consistency, and dedication. The investigation has to hold those responsible for this double murder to be held responsible under the law according to some sources.

Even many say that they do some drug dealings which they create an empire of $24 million. Some of you, who don’t aware of their drug dealing empire. They say that they will do all nasty things at night. When everyone was sleeping, they started their nasty business which was harmful to others and for themselves also. They make a good profit by doing this and by doing this day and night they hire the people who just want to earn some money without knowing which business they are dealing it and what kind of work they are doing for.


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