The Government has failed in helping the migrants and that’s exactly why the Supreme Court has to jump in between the problem. As soon as the lockdown emerged the poor people started getting ripped off from their jobs, they didn’t have the money to pay the bills/rent so they started moving back to their villages. The government, on the other hand, tried to come up with various plans but nothing worked out and the workers started walking towards their destination.

It’s been more than a month since the migrant poor workers started walking alone in the sunlight towards their home/village. You can easily see a family walking with a big of luggage and tiredness on the national highway if you live close to the Noida, UP, and Delhi. The Government announced the packages but things didn’t work out for the workers. It is easy to say “Stay where you are” but hunger and not having enough money to pay rent made a lot of people disturbed.

Supreme Court

Now, the Supreme Court of India has to jump in between the mud and they have clarified that fifteen days should be enough time for states to send migrant workers to their homes. As a media outlet, we had seen a lot of migrants walking alone in the worst situation because the government is busy in announcing the package. The top court also asked all states to create employment opportunities for migrants returning home in their village.

Overall, now we are expecting that the government would do something for these workers because they are in a need of help. Even we have seen how a Bollywood actor Sonu Sood himself sent a lot of migrants in their homes. The court said, “We propose 15 days’ time so that states can be permitted to effectuate the completion of transport,”

We have seen that around 42,00 Shramik Specials trains have been running since 3rd June but still, a lot of migrants walked alone. The government stated that they have sent around 1 crore migrant workers to their homes across the country.


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