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Super Singer 8 3rd April 2021 Episode: Celebration Round Performances & Elimination!


We have back with the written update of the reality show named “Super Singer 8” which telecast on Vijay TV every Saturday-Sunday at 09:30 PM. Super Singer is one of the most prominent and well-known singing reality shows which is getting positive responses from the viewers. The TRP of the show is raising high and high as well. The craze among all the music lovers or local audience is very high. The viewers are liking the show very much. Last week, Contestant Reshma Shyam was evicted from the show. The show is going on really well in terms of entertain the audience.

Super Singer 8

Every week, the contestants are giving shocking and rocking performances to impress the judge and the audience as well. Anuradha Sriram, Unnikrishnan, Benny Dayal, Kalpana Raghvendra are the judges of the show. The judges are doing their job really well as they give tips to contestants to improve their performances. Every week, the contestants come on the stage and deliver mind-blowing performances to amaze the judges. Six contestants are already eliminated from the show and the rest of the contestants are delivering their best performance to keep their place on the show.

In today’s episode, The contestants are going to perform duo performances. First pair will be of Muthu Sirpi and Maanasi Kannan. They will amaze the judges with their extremely beautiful performance. During their performance, other contestants and the judges seem very happy and enjoying their performances. They will set the fire on the stage of Super Singer. They both always deliver very amazing and nostalgic performances to excite the judges. Muthu Sirpi is one of the most talented contestants who never fails to impress the judges.

Another performance will be of the contestants who will be going to impress the judges very much. Judge Benny Dayal will praise her for her mesmerizing performance. They will impress the judges not only with their singing talent but also with dancing. After watching their performance, all the judges will compliment them for their extraordinary performance.

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Later on, all the contestants will deliver electrifying performances and impress the judges with their singing talent. The contestants are trying their hard to secure their place in the show by giving amazing and fantastic performances. It is going to be very interesting and exciting who will eliminate this week from the show. Do watch the episode of “Super Singer 8” to entertain yourself, the show airs on Vijay TV at 09:30 PM. Stay connected with us.

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