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Super Dancer Chapter 4 5th September 2021 full episode written update: Sanchit and Super Guru Vertika Jha Mind-blowing Performance & Elimination!


Super Dancer Chapter 4 is here to make you all entertained and amazed with their performances they will going to become up to the most surprising dance moves. As we all know that every weekend we will go to meet special guests. So tonight the special is going to be Farah Khan. She is the most popular face of the hundi film industry and is also known for her dancing. On the other side, all the participants are super excited t present their performance in front of Farah Khan and they were doing a lot of practice so that they can impress her and the judges.

Super Dancer Chapter 4

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Elimination

The episode tonight is going to be jammed up with lots of tremendous dance performances and laughter on the show. The participants will be going to make Farah Khan emotional as they will going to dedicate a performance of her journey and this makes her emotional and touched. When she has tears in her Geeta Maa and Shilpa Shatty will be seen making her calm and they hug her. Participants dances to her songs and they even do the hook steps of her.

After this Farah says that “seeing my journey by you all on this stage makes me feel that I have actually done something in my life.” So is we talk about the performances then Esha and her Guru Sonali set the stage on free with their most rocking and fabulous performance. They dance on “Jiya Jale ” song and their mv es are so mesme]rising that it wons the heart of Farah. Both the girls receive a standing ovation from judges and then Shilpa Shetty compliments them “fantastic performance”.

Farah also compliments them by saying that “you both are far better than Preity Zinta.” While Geeta sits in the tribute pose. The next performance we have pf Amit and Guru Amardeep presents hip hop style on the romantic song “Gerua” and they are so electrifying that all the judges are amazed to see them. While they are performing judges are seen enjoying it. Farah compliments them that “you both are the inspiration for many youngsters and kids.”

The performances of Aneesh and Guru Akash are super amazing and rocking they both set the stage on fire with their fiery performance. Their moves are so mesmerizing. That Fara praises them in a word that “you both take us on the nostalgic trip.” So there will be going to be more performances like this tonight so don’t forget to watch it at 8:00 pm.

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