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Sunflower Web Series Released On Zee5, Review, Story, Cast, Plot, IMDB Ratings!


There is a new series on the block which is starring Sunil Grover and the show is interesting, to say the least, the shows are going to have many interesting characters but the issue with the movie is the plot which drops flats on its face and that is something that is really disappointing about the series as the actors have been phenomenal and Sunil Grover has really outshined everyone in the series,


Watch Sunflower Web Series On Zee5

The story has been released on Zee5 and the show is interesting for many reasons, one of the main reason that the show has done so good is mostly because of the acting skills that the actors have shown, they have done full justice to their roles and it has to be said again that if you going to watch the show for the story then this is probably not the series for you, the only reason to watch the series would be if you are interested in acting.

Sunflower Web Series Review

The story is about a dead body and two suspects and they have made it obvious in the series that one of them is looking out to be guilty in the series and then the other one has some mysterious motives with some kind of hidden agenda, the question that the series is going t make you think is that who is the killer out of them or is there someone else who is responsible for the murder that happened.

The series has been created by Vikas Behl which has released on Zee5, the series is going to pull you in from the start itself. Sunil Grover is going to be playing a salesman naming Sonu Singh who is going to be made to look like the obvious suspect of the murder that took place and then there is going to be Ranvir Shorey who is going to be the investigating officer.

The problem with the story is that such thrillers should confuse people to the fullest but it seems like that the series gives out hints to the audiences who are unnecessary and that is the biggest turn off of the show and that is going to make you think that the series is not that great after all, the story and the series have been saved by the acting skills of the actors and it has to be said again that Sunil Grover has been the talking point of the show, he has really been phenomenal in the whole series.

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