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Sun Pharma Q1 Results: Net Profits Surges 62%, rallies 9%, revenues rise 28%


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited has seen a decent growth when it comes to the quarter profit as they dud the estimates which have been stated by Domestic demand, the company is the largest drugmaker in India and the reports have come that the net profit of the company for three months has been Rs 1,444.2 crore which ended in June which is 62% above the quarter preceding which has been stated in the exchange filings.

Sun Pharma Q1 Results

Sun Pharma Q1 Results

The company went on to consume a net loss of Rs 1,655.6 crore which happened in the previous year.

  • The revenue of the company has risen to 14% which has resulted in Rs 9,718.7 crore and it is shocking as even the analysts were expecting the stats to be Rs 8,793.4 crore.
  • it was estimated that Ebidta is going to be seeing Rs 2,114.1 but they rose to Rs 2,741.2 crore.
  • it has also been seen that the margin was calculated to be 24% but it seems like that the company has managed to see the growth to 28.2%.

It has been stated by Dilip Shanghvi who is the Managing Director at Sun pharma that the lush that the company has seen is because of the low base core business growth and there has been some sale of Covid products, he has further stated that the business in India is blooming pretty well and it seems like that the international growth is being seen in the quarters.

Sun Pharma Q1 Results HIGHLIGHTS

  • It has been stated that Rs 514.9 crore has been the sales for the bulk drugs which is 18% up if we talk subsequently.
  • the consolidated investment of R&Dhas been stated to be Rs 592.6 crore which is up by 6%.
  • the company has launched about 13 products when we talk about the Indian market in the month of April-June.
  • they have also recently paid the debt of FY22 in the first quarter which amounted to be $185 million.

The company is getting more and more on track and it seems like Covid has somehow benefited the company in many ways and we hope that the company keeps itself on track as people are going to be eyeing them if they are going to be benefitting like this and it seems like that the stats don’t lie at all.

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