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Sugandha Sharma And Sanket Bhoslale Mehndi Images Wedding Dates Venue & Guest List


Sanket Bhosle and Sugandha Sharma who have been a part of the Kapil Sharma for the longest time are all set to get married and the wedding is going to have very limited guest as the condition of the country is not the best for an open wedding so limited guests are going to be there.

Sugandha Sharma And Sanket Bhoslale Mehndi Images Wedding Dates Venue & Guest List

The marriage is going to be held on April 26, Sanket Bhoslale has shared the video of their wedding ceremony on the social media platform while the DDLJ’S popular song is being played in the background. They have been a part of the Kapil Sharma show for the longest time and the chemistry of them started from the show and now they have decided to get married and are on the verge of doing so, the fans of the show and their individual fans are pretty excited and happy after hearing the news as in the photos the couple looks pretty cute.

The video that they have posted is of a video call between them in which she is showing off her Mehendi to him and he is being seeing complementing her and a cute moment between the couple has been recorded and is now going to be forever on the internet which is a commitment that they have for each other.

Fans have been pouring and flooding their handles as they are pretty happy for the two and are congratulating them for finding love and for being together forever which is a biggest commitment for the two people to do and they have taken this brave decision and fans have been showing so much love to the couple that the couples are also pretty happy the way things are going.

The couple have been doing stand up comedy for the longest time and seeing two comedians getting married who have always done their best to make people happy and to keep away the stress form people’s lives are gonna be together which in itself is a beautiful thought and we hope that they always remain happy the way they are right now and we hope that they keep on doing what they do to make people laugh and bring happiness in people’s lives as they are amazing at what they do and this is why fans are attached so much to them and hearing this news made the fans more happy as the two people who have dedicated their life in making people happy are doing something that will make them happy.

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