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Subhakar Khadka (Assaulted Uber Driver) Check Disturbing Instagram Viral Video


A reporter of ABC7 News “Dion Lim” has been shared a video in which three women use to assault a driver when he tells them to put on a mask. The driver is from Nepal and faces ill-heartedness from three females.

Subhakar Khadka

According to Dion, the driver “Subhakar Khadka” picked the ladies from the Bayview area in San Francisco, California, Us. The mishap took place on 8 March. The women used to treat him badly as they taunted him, and physically assaults him also.

The driver requests riders politely to the ladies to wear a mask else he is going to cancel the ride and make them out of his cab. In the video, we can see ladies use to hit him also and tries to pull his mask from the driver’s face. Even they also try to snatch his phone. After this mishap, Shubhakar goes on few days off.

Subhakar now left this job which stated by Lim from her Twitter account. She wrote “The statement has been sent to me by the Uber Spokesperson-The video is unrespectful as the behavior is traumatic. And the rider is unable to access uber.”

The Uber investor Cyaan Banister stated, “if women have a gun she may shot him and couldn’t even feel sorry for it. While. She scares the driver and says that she will take legal actions against Uber.”

Lim also shared the reply she got from the driver on asking him “how did he control himself and keep himself cool?” Subhakar replies that “that’s what our culture is, to respect your customer and women. And that the only thing I could do.

While Subhakar also stated that “he feels this happens to him due to his racism and accent, while he lives in the US for the last eight years. And this kind of violence against Asians has been raising in the US day after day.”

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