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Strictly Come Dancing 2021 Elimination: Who Left Strictly Come Dancing? Voted Out Celebrity Name Revealed


Strictly Come Dancing 2021 Elimination: Who Left Strictly Come Dancing? Voted Out Celebrity Name: It seems like week two of Strictly Come Dancing is over and there have been some big changes on the show and the leaderboard from what it was looking at the week one, one of the contestants on the show is going to see an end to the journey sooner than they would have liked.

Who Left Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing 2021 Elimination

The artist can be happy though as this has been one of the closest battles which they have ever seen in a dance-off, which has been stated rightly by Shirley Ballas who is one of the judges in the show. The couple who had to leave the show was Neil Jones and Nina Wadia and we have to admit, everyone is surprised as by the point of view of the audiences, they did pretty well when it comes to their main dance and they were superb in dance-off too.

The pair were lost after they were pitted against Gorka Marquez and Katie McGlynn, after the elimination, it was stated Nina, the journey has been short but it has been really fun for them, Neil has been incredible throughout as she thanked everyone. It was added by her partner Neil, she has been a dream, she has been the second partner on the show with him.

Who Left Strictly Come Dancing?

He stated, he wouldn’t have dreamt of anyone else as a partner, she has been so much fun throughout, he stated they have been like a married couple in the show, he further stated she told him that she is going to dance and together they have delivered two fantastic dances and he is really proud of her.

It seems like the competition in the show is reaching the roof and no one is happy about what they have seen but this is what competition is and when the competition is this tough then there are going to be broken hearts but the show must go on and there is going to be a winner from the remaining.

It is very difficult to state at this point in time as to can be the potential winner of the show, the reason behind this is, the show has recently picked up the pace and it is going to be interesting to see in the coming weeks as to how the whole competition pans out for the judges and the contestants.

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