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Story 9 Months Ki Written Update 31 March 2021 Today’s Episode: Alia Still Hold The Truth!


Grab a full written episode update of your favorite serail “Story 9 months ki” on 31st March 2021. In tonight’s episode, Alia is in the search of Sarangdhar. She is so upset and worried for Srandhar. Even she is going throw many issues in her pregnancy. But she told the doctor to not tell anyone about this. While she bearing two pain one is her pregnancy issues and the most disheartening is the missing of Srarangdhar.

Story 9 Months Ki

Kmlaeshwari is also tensed and she is trying her best to find her son. She is also going through the saddest time of her life. Alia reaches the police station to take back the FIR. But here she met a man who used to warn her for no reason. She wants to take it back as in the last episode we have seen that a kidnapper calls her and threatens her. Hence he also forces her to take back the FIR if she wants to save Srandhar’s life. He also demands the ransom.

Thus she decides to go police station and take back the FIR. But in the Police Station, she has an argument with a man and gets irritated. She goes there along with her mother. While she is in anger her mother use to calm her. And she leaves from there after taking back the FIR. And goes to the doctor for a regular check-up and the doctor tells her that she is taking so much stress due to which her child’s health is affecting and it may cause a huge issue in her pregnancy location.

Alia gets the clue about the Srangdhars l she keeps thinking about it. And use to link the things which surround her. She adds the clue in series and too close to the truth. And she gets the idea of how to find him. On the other side, the kidnapper uses to blackmail her again and again. And she doubts that someone has kidnapped sarangdhar to take revenge on her. She gets frustrated and worried. And the family of Sarnshar is also worried for him and prays to god for the well-being of their son. Watch the full episode on Sony Tv at 10: 30 from Monday to Friday, Stay Connected With Us At Getindianews.com

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