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Story 9 Months Ki, Written Update, 23 April 2021, Sarang Ask Aliya To Meet


Hello, “Story 9 Months Ki” enthusiasts we are here to keep you updated with the written episode of 23 April 2021. The episode begins with lots of sure[ereise or we can also say shock for Sarang and Aliya. The kids are in the same school while their parents aren’t aware of the truth so aren’t children. The daughter of Aliya notices that two kids take her brother into a classroom.

Story 9 Months Ki

She gets tensed and uses to follow them but she is confused about how to save him from those kids. Those kids say “don’t ever try to scare us again Reese we will go to through you out of the school and they took him inside the classroom where they are afraid of him. They put their hand on his mouth and not leaving him. The boy is helpless meanwhile their sister enters the classroom and she is looking at what’s going on there.

She yells at them and they get scared while asking her what is she doing here. She says leave him else she will go to complain about them to the teacher. The kids leave him and get not a heated argument with her. She uses to through things on them and somehow manages to save her brother but both the kids aren’t aware there that they are brother and sister. Hence destiny brings them to the same school and class. A boy uses to thank her later and they ask each other to become friends.

On the other side, we will be going to see Aiya and Srang is chatting on a social media platform but they don’t know about the truth. As they are chatting each other as the strangers are now becoming good friends. They use to chat with each other the whole day and share their daily routine while both are curious to know more about each other.

Sarang tells her that his daughter has a birthday tomorrow and Alya also informs him that “what a coincidence even my son to has it’s birthday tomorrow. Then he asks her to meet and she agrees. Both are curious and excited to meet each other. On the other hand, what will be their reaction if they get to know the truth, will they continue their communication, or will change their way. To know what will go to happen don’t forget to watch the show on sony tv at 10:00 pm.

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