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Story 9 Months Ki Today’s Episode Written Update 9th April 2021: What will happen next?


Are you excited to know another update of your beloved show “Story 9 Months Ki” on 9th April 2021. The show is receiving a mild range of responses from the side of the audience but the story is really good to watch. As the story of the show is moving forward, it is becoming like the rest of the shows. As the viewers already watched in the previous episodes of the show, Alia and Sarang both get separated from each other due to some circumstances, But their destiny has written some other story. Of course, they are both separated but their destiny will bring them back.

Story 9 Months Ki

So let’s see what shows have new in their story to show their audience, as the promo suggests Sarang is planning to move back to Mumbai in order to get heart surgery for his daughter. On the other hand, Alia is living in Mumbai with her son. The doctor suggests Sarang take his daughter to Mumbai as the best heart surgery hospital is in Mumbai. He does not want to come back to Mumbai but there is no other option is left for him and for the betterment of his daughter he finally came back to Mumbai.

In Mumbai, a meeting is conducted in the office of Alia, and the person who addresses the meeting informed everyone that the leading entrepreneur is coming to Mumbai and everyone gets excited to meet him and plan to make a business deal with him. In the promo, Alia and Sarang are in the park with their kids. They both do not know this thing that their destiny has some plans to reunite them. Sarang hates Alia very much.

Alia is sitting on a bench park and reading a book but suddenly a bunch of balloons disturbs her and when she removes the balloons in the front of her face. She sees a small girl in front of her and she gets emotional and politely to titillate her face and says if I had a daughter, she would be just like you. In this reply, the girl says If I had a mother, she would also be just like you. On the other hand, Sarang also meets his son and he also cares for him. Both the kids and the parents are unaware that they are their children and their parents. It looks like their kids will be going to reunite them but how is going to have happened is the main plot of the show. To know the next update of the story the readers need to come back tomorrow here but till then they can enjoy the episode of “Story 9 Months Ki” on the Sony channel at 10 PM and stay grooved with us for the other updates.

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