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Story 9 Months Ki Today’s Episode Written Update 21st April 2021: Kavya Reunited Alia and Sarangdhar


The episode starts with Sarang as he is checking all messages on Kavya’s mobile. Before he sees the message, Kavya reaches there and sees the DDS message.  Kavya gets worried thinking if Sarang and Alia reunite. She tries her best to ignore the topic saying that she doesn’t want to see him in pain again as she was there last time when her heart got broken. She says to him that he couldn’t see him in that condition and tells him that he refuses the DDS offers.

Story 9 Months Ki

Sarang asks Kavya why Alia wants to meet him as he is Azad Roy now. Kavya tells her that Alia doesn’t have any idea that he is Azad Roy as she just wants to work with that man who writes kids’ comics. Sarang asks Kavya to tell them that he doesn’t want to collaborate with them for work as he has no interest in their project. However, Sarang’s mind is thinking about Alia. He says that whatever happened in the past 6 years but the truth is he still has feelings for Alia.

Sarang reached his home and recalls his time which he shared with Alia. He remembers how Alia proposed to him by mail. After seeing her video presentation, Sarang starts feeling strange in him. On the other side, Kavya is continuously trying to divert Sarang from going to the DDS office. Sarang says to her that he is not going to collaborate with them. Kavya calls them and tells them that they are not interested in working with them. Kavya says that how he makes Agastya meet with Azad Boy.

On the other side, Kamleshwari wants to make Alia and Sarang meet once so that they can talk to each other face to face but she fails to talk with Alia. Sayuri decides to trouble Agastya in the school. Agastya and Sayuri get into a fight in which the teacher also gets involved to calm them down. The teacher takes them to the principal who asks the kids to come with their parents then only they can attend the school. Alia and Sarang get angry when the kids tell them the whole matter.

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