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Story 9 Months Ki Today’s Episode 26th March 2021 Written Update: Sarangdhar Is Missing


Another episode of “Story 9 Months Ki”, 26th March 2021 is ready to amuse the audience with is a different story. The story of this daily soap is very much different from the stories of Indian daily soaps. Alia the main lead of the show is getting pregnant through an IVF procedure and she is in love with the donor Sarangdhar. Not only Alia but Sarangdhar also loves her soo much. Alia and Sarangdhar are not only donors and recipients but they also have a relationship of boss and employee.

Story 9 Months Ki

Story 9 Months Ki

The story continues their love story with an angle of the IVF procedure and in today’s episode the main lead Alia is in search of her lover Sarangdhar who is currently missing. Is Alia is able to find him? is the main theme of today’s episode. As the promo suggests a lady is narrating the scene of her office to her husband. She says that today a lot of hustle was inside the office as there was a stolen has happened in the office last night and today the boss register the police case.

Her husband is watching tv and says Is there any arrest has happened she says not yet but then she says Lala is not coming today as well in the office. Is he came here into the house? Her husband says no. He is not coming here then she asks by the way where is everyone? Then he says wait a minute let me check and he goes to open the gate. Suddenly an old man faints on the floor and the lady shouts Papa what happened to you.

In the other scene, Sarangdhar’s mother is saying to Alia, I thought he is behind the kidnapping of Sarangdhar. Police say just let him come in her senses and then we will ask him the connection between Sarangdhar kidnapping and his injuries. Sarangdhar mothers get worried after hearing this and say what connection you are talking about and then she continues to say what if he himself injured him in order to misguide the police from the investigation of Sarangdhar kidnapping.

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Alia is very much tensed about him and starts crying. She also goes with the police to find out Sarangdhar. The episode comes in an interesting point so the viewers do not forget to watch the episode of  “Story 9 Months Ki” on the Sony channel at 10:00 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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