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Story 9 Months Ki Today’s Episode 26th April Written Update: Sayuri and Agastya Becomes Friends


We have come with the written update of the Sony TV serial named “Story 9 Months Ki” on April 26, 2021. The episode commences with Sayuri as she asks the school kids, not to trouble Agasty otherwise they will have to face a big problem. She says to them when she was in Mathura, people were afraid of her and says she is giving warning to them if they don’t want that something bad will happens to them. In Alia’s office, her colleagues are thinking about how can they help her in her tough time.Story 9 Months Ki Today's Episode 26th April

Her colleagues remembering how Alia helped them in their rough times by going out of their capabilities. They say because of her helping nature, so many clients want to work with her. On the other hand, Fahim goes to the office for looking up a job because he needs it badly. Sarang decides to prepare a cake for Sayuri but gets failed. Kavya makes fun of him and says that she told him to let her help. In the school, Agasty gets stunned to see Sayuri beating the boys alone. Agastya reminds the time when she was in Mathura and her one brother is like Agastya. Sayuri asks him to go from there.

After teaching the kids lesson, Sayuri and Agastya becomes friends and says that they won’t snatch their parents from each other. Sarang gets a call from Nandini and gets shocked. He wonders why Kamleshwari is trying to contact Alia’s family. He goes to his mother and asks her to promise him that she won’t contact her family again. He says to her that it will be better for their family. Kamleshwarin says to him that he is not understanding her emotions which she going through. She says she can’t see him in pain.

Fahim gets shocked to know that Alia is not the owner of DDS as she sold her all shares for Sarang. On the other side, Saraj was irritated by Alia’s thoughts. He gets shocked when he got to know that Alia and Sayuri are in the same school. He gets confused and unable to understand what he should do. Fahim feels bad for Alia when he learned everything about Alia from HR. Watch the upcoming episode of “Story 9 Months Ki” on Sony Tv at 10 PM. Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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