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Story 9 Months Ki, 5th April 2021, Written Update, 6 Year Leap?


Story 9 months ki is the most popular show on the channel Sony Tv. The concept of the story is interesting which attracting the audience at the highest level. As the main female lead is a girl who gets divorced and she has everything in her life hence she made a decision to get a test tube baby. She gets a baby from her peons with whom she falls in love.

Story 9 Months Ki

And later she decided to get married to him. But in the previous episodes, we have seen that Srangdhar the main make lead use to get kidnapped, and Aliya gets worried afterward. Aliya uses to found him and she becomes tense. On the other hand, she got a call from a kidnap who used to asked her for a big amount for the release of her fiance. She got stunned getting a call from the kidnapper.

In the last episode, we have seen that Srandhar was found and they both used to hug each other. She cried a lot to see him in the condition he used to be. Srangduar mother also cried seeing her son and she smiles at him when he looks at his mother. On the other hand, Aliya’s parents are also happy and they thanked god. But he is in the hospital and doctors are looking after him. He used to tell his feelings to Aliya and she is happy as he expresses himself for the first time.

In tonight’s episode, we will gonna see how Aliya use to show concern for Srangdhar. Bith gonna be seem happy together and they use to tackle the care of each other. While Sarandgar treatment is going on well. Whereas his mother is also worried for her son. And both are happy to as they soon are going to tie a knot as well as they are excited.

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On the other side, the police are investigating the matter and they are finding a kidnapper and his gang. The case continues while it is clear that who is behind the kidnapping of Sarngdhar. Watch the full episode on Sony Tv at 10:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

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