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Story 9 Months Ki, 22 April 2021, Written Update, Sarangdhar Mother Reached Alia Office!


The episode starts with Agastya as he apologizes to Alia. Alia asks what happened. On the other hand, Sayuri handovers the letter to her father. Sarang asks him what’s the matter. She says that she threw a spider on a boy and he threw that spider on the teacher. Sarang gets angry she is troubling an innocent boy. Agastya says to Alia that he got afraid and that’s why by mistake that spider gone on the teacher. Alia says to him that don’t worry he will handle it.

Kavya says to Sayuri that if she never repeats her mistake then only she will come with her. Sayuri gets happy. Sarang orders her to write sorry 100 times. Sayuri agrees. Ramesh comes to them and asks her he came here after a very long time. She tells him she came here as a Sarang’s manager. He blesses her saying that they will reach heights. Sarang asks where is his mother. Kamleshwari is trying to search for Nandini and learns that 2 years ago, she shifted abroad. She gets her number from the watchman.

Sarang thinks to talk to Alia on web site and she messages him and tells her that her son becomes brave now as he fought in his school. Sarang smiles and says she is getting happy that his son misbehaves in his school. He asks her how she is celebrating her happiness. She says alone. Sarang says his daughter is his world and his life revolves around her. Alia asks him does he miss anyone. Sarang says that she is awesome as she is celebrating her son’s mischief.

Sarang also tells her that his daughter troubled a boy and the Principal called her to the school. Alia says what a coincidence even she too has to go to his son’s school. Sarang asks her will she wants to meet him. She says she needs to think about it. After that, Alia thinks about it and says after a very long she becomes a friend of someone. Sarang also thinks the same and decides to meet him.

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