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Story 9 Months Ki 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarang Mother Called Aaliyah!


We are back with another update of the show “Story 9 months ki” for the amusement of the spectators. The show is creating unwanted twists on the show which makes it boring to watch but somehow the actors of this serial are doing well and try to take it back on track. The leap gap in the serial is quite interesting to watch and the fans are eagerly waiting for the couple to get reunited along with their kids. As the viewers already watched that Sarang is back in Mumbai for the heart treatment of his daughter. Where Alia is already living with his son.

Story 9 Months Ki

Sarang who previously loved Alia is so much is now hates her the most. Now let’s see what new twists are going to unfold in today’s episode of the show on 16th April 2021. The show continues the story of Alia and Sarang after a gap of 6 years. Sarang takes her daughter to the hospital and she gets admitted there. He is very much worried about her daughter and stares at the monitor to check the heartbeat rates but he could not find any response and then enters the room to find out the status of her daughter.

Alia is already in the room and stands beside the bed of Choti. Alia puts her hand on her hand and when her other hand is touch with the hand of Sarang. The sound of the heartbeat of Choti is audible properly after this incident and Choti gets very much excited after hearing it. They all get very much happy and Alia starts remembering the time of her sonography test in which she heard the same heartbeat.

When the nurse sees Sarang inside the room of Choti she about to utter a word but Sarang told her to keep quiet and says if they want something just let me know as I am standing outside the room and don’t tell my daughter that I am here otherwise she will not spare me. Alia heard the voice and starts to recognize the voice and when she checks who is standing behind the curtains she finds a nurse there. Choti says to Alia you must be thinking whose voice is this right this is the voice of my father. I ask her to not come inside but he did not understand anything and then Alia says you will not understand this thing now but when you grew up you will understand his concern.

It seems like Choti will be going to reunite her parents soon but how is going to happen is the main twists of the upcoming episodes. To get to know all the upcoming details the readers need to be stay tuned with us for more such updates. So do not forget to read our articles but till then enjoy the episode of the show “Story 9 months ki” on the Sony Channel at 10:00 PM

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