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Stolen Car Crash Harbour Bridge: Stolen SUV Crashes Into Van At High Speed


Stolen Car Crash Harbour Bridge: Stolen SUV Crashes Into Van At High Speed: On Monday morning, 7th March 2022, a speeding car collided head-on into a van and turn over on the Sydney Habour Bridge, throwing traffic out of gear and bursting into flames. Horrifying video footage has appeared of the moment a stolen car was recorded by the dashcam of a car at the site. Three cars were wrecked in the crash at 07:06 AM, sending 3 people to the hospital including one in a severe but stable condition, and paralyzing Sydney with gridlock traffic. Keep on reading to know more details on this. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Stolen Car Crash Harbour Bridge

Stolen Car Crash Harbour Bridge

Dashcam footage views a Toyota Kluger SUV, carjacked from Sussex Street in the CBD minutes earlier, unexpectedly speed past other automobiles and change lanes directly into the path of another automobile, which it deviated to avoid. Though the attempt to dodge the first automobile just direct to it crossing into oncoming traffic and slamming head-on into a Toyota HiAce van coming the other way, with a 3 car, a Honda CR-V, hit by the ricochet.

The force of the crash knocked the SUV onto its roof and it almost instantly began smoking, even as other motorists ran over to aid drag the driver out of the stricken vehicle. Soon after the Kluger burst into flames and was burned in a massive fireball observable from kilometers away. The driver, aged in his 30s, is being treated in hospital under police guard. Sydney City police area commander Detective Superintendent Rohan Cramsie asserted the Kluger was carjacked from the CBD on Monday morning.

Stolen Car Crash Harbour Bridge Photos

He stated that “Although our probes are still very early in the piece, they do direct us to believe at this point in time that the Kluger may have been stolen from the suburbia of Sussex and Goulburn Street which is in Sydney, this morning just prior to the collision. It does come up to us however the owner of the Kluger was changing his tire. We will claim at this point that he was approached by the male who had a conversation with him about his automobile.

“There was a brief skirmish which ensued and then the person who was asking about the Kluger got into the Kluger and drove it away and then headed towards the Harbour Bridge.” The carjacking is believed to have occurred just prior to 07:00 AM outside the Sussex Centre, which is halfway between  Goulburn and Hay streets in the Haymarket area of the city.

Stolen Car Crash Harbour Bridge Videos

A car crash is making around on social media and even on all the news sites, it took place in Harbour. The victim is still alive or dead is the biggest question of the people, so you will get your answer in the article below.

This has happened on Monday morning while the speeding car was crashed against the Van and then it went on the flip on the Sydney Habour Bridge. The victims in the accident might have lost their life but this will be confirmed below. There is a video of the crash on the web in which you guys will going to be seen how a car was crashed into a Van. The accident was so terrifying and the horrible video of the accident will shiver your heart and you will be so disheartened to witness it.

When does this accident take place?

As per the officers, the accent took place at 7:06 am and this car was a stolen one which met to an accident.

Which car it was?

It was a stolen Toyota Kluger SUV before it met to an accident it was spilled out from the burning car by passing motorists. The driver of the car has been gone and then cut free by emergency services at the indented spot.

Footage of the dashcam showed that the stolen car speeding past other vehicles, even seen changing lanes and then tried to avoid the incoming Toyota HiAce van. This is how it went into that incoming van. The Kluger pitched over onto its roof and it was all in the fire. Later there was a motorist who had been seen who ran towards it so that he could save the driver.

Later the SUV was seen all into a fire and it is not wrong to say that it was turned into a ball of fire. There was thrid car too caught into a fire during this crash, it was a Honda CR-V is had got hit by the ricochet, and during the same were injuries to the three people.

As per the confined sources, the three of the victims are in the hospital and their treatment is going on. This case is now in  Detective Superintendent Rohan Cramsie’s hand and he said that the video of the indecent is so horrifying to be watched. For more information, you have to keep patience until there will be no investigation reports from the officials.

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