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Steven Weinberg Cause Of Death: Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Steven Weinberg Died at 88


There has been a sad demise of Steven Weinberg who is the physicist who has discovered the two of the forces of the universe is actually the same and for which he was awarded the prize of noble peace, He is the person who has been a major help when it comes to the foundation that has been laid by the Standard model, it seems like that the theory has classified the particles that are in the universe. and this has been one of the most important groundbreaking breakthroughs that have happened in Physics when we talk about the 20th Century. He has died on Friday in the hospital in Austin Texas and he has died at the age of 88.

Steven Weinberg Cause Of Death

Steven Weinberg Cause Of Death

The reason for his death has not yet been confirmed by Dr. Elizabeth Weinberg but his daughter has confirmed his death. It is going to be hard to say what all he has done for Physics as he has done so much that it cannot be stated at once, In the year 2015 Dr. Brian Greene invited him to Columbia University and he has been invited a lot of times to many universities and it seems that he is being regarded as one of the most productive scientists in the history of mankind.

In the year 1967, Dr. Weinberg began to use gauge theory as he was studying the interactions that were in the weak forces and it seems like that he was the one who successfully explained the theory as before him there was nothing which we had that we could have called concrete, he has been one of the people who has been a pioneer in the world of science and is someone who can proudly say that he has been the reason to brought some change in the world and it seems like that he has been one of the people who have been an inspiration for many.

His loss is going to be immensely thought about and our thoughts and prayers are with the family of him and we hope that his soul receives peace and surely there is a special place up above for people like him who have been the reason for big changes in the world.

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