Is Steven Guilbeault Arrested? Why was Former Greenpeace activist Steven Guilbeault Arrested?: It is somewhat with the reference to that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau informed his new cabinet less than a week after the release of Alberta its “Report of the Public Inquiry into Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns.” Asa explained in the report, a central figure in the campaign to close down oilsands development was the new environment minister of Trudeau, Steven Guilbeault, which reveals the past of the prime minister rhetoric about the require to strike a balance between the environment and the economy as insignificant. Guilbeault has emerged in the environmental movement since the early 1990s which at 1st blush, may make him look like a natural choice for environment minister. Follow More Update On

Steven Guilbeault Arrested

Is Steven Guilbeault Arrested?

But unlike his forerunner, Jonathan Wilkinson who had a background in green energy firms, Guilbeault was an essential environmentalist who has spent his career attempting to close down the derail and Canadian energy projects and oilsands. In the year 2001, he is maybe best and popularly known for scaling the CN Tower during the serving for Greenpeace and opening up a banner stating “Canada and Bush Climate Killers”, a stunt for which he was later on sentenced to public mischief.

That was trifling months prior to the 11th of September dread attacks, after which there was much to discuss the requirement for North American energy freedom and the potential for the country Canada to be the source to reducing the reliance of the continent on oil from unappetizing Middle Eastern regimes, such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia. But through organizations like Greenpeace where he spent a decade controlling its Quebec chapter and Equiterre, which he co-established in the year 1992, Guilbeault and his eco-environmental activists direct a coordinated effort to make sure that never came to pass.

Steven Guilbeault Arrested

Whereas accountant report of Steve Allan on anti-Alberta energy campaigns failed to undisclosed a flood of heinous foreign funds flowing to anti-energy campaigns, it did show that Guilbeault was on the guiding committee of the Tar Sands Solution Network, which served to unite the global environment and Indigenous groups in opposition to the development of oilsands.

In the year 2008, he co-authored an op-ed for the Pembina Institute decrying Alberta’s “dirty oil”. In the year 2011, he spoke at an anti-oilsands protest in Ottawa. The subsequent year, he penned an op-ed for Montreal’s Metro newspaper, in which he talked favorably about efforts to repeal the Northern Gateway pipeline and the plan of Enbridge to reverse the flow of its Line 9 pipeline to conduct Alberta oil to Central Canada.


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