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Who is Steph Lentz? Covenant Christian School Lesbian Teacher Sacked


A lesbian teacher faces a sack from a school. She was a teacher in a Christan school, but due to some unnecessary reasons. Then she used to be stand out for herself. You might be wondering who she is and what had happened to her. So in this article, we will go to update you with the entire incident. Steph Lentz was a teacher in a Covenant Christian School which is in Sydney, in 2017. It was her very first job.

Steph Lentz Covenant Christian School Gay Teacher

Who is Steph Lentz?

There is a statement by her that “I was an employed person but the school sacked me when I came back to my home.” She further added that “I was in a heterosexual marriage but was living in a protestant environment and I was in a belief that it is the only option I have in my life for a lifelong partner.” She also shared that “After the breakdown of my marriages I get to know about my needs and wants and I used to share about this to my family also.”

Steph Lentz Covenant Christian School Gay Teacher

Covenant Christian School Gay Teacher

All I wanted to be open up about this with a school also, in which I was teaching and they’re react was, it is okay and just the part of the nature. If God doesn’t have any problem with this then who we are to judge you on this. It’s absolutely fine and we need faithful personalities in our school for the students.”  But let me clear you one more thing is not at all gel with the school in which I was teaching.

Steph Lentz Covenant Christian School Gay Teacher

Dismissal For Being a Gay Is Legal Inder The Law:-

Lentz’s dismissal is actually legal which comes under Federal and State Law. Some of the south wales organizations write a letter to the NSWS Attorney General Mark, that is talking about the complete reassess of the Anto Discrimination Act.

“There is a need to be changed in the act for LGBTQi+ community. The act is a waste and it needs some changes or updates.” Said the PIAC’S manager.

Whereas Lentis said that “the problems are rising due to some the religious organization those are telling a lie to people to not to accept homosexuals or discriminate with them. They are like, they have all the rights to tell people not to engage with the faith of queer people. The school I was teaching in is also a part of such religious organization.”

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