Home Entertainment Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 Review: Reunion Cameo Explained!

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 Review: Reunion Cameo Explained!


This has been one of the most creative episodes of the series as it has shown the episode through a first-person perspective and the show has been truly phenomenal overall as the episodes are too much fun to watch, the visuals of the show have been top-notch and that is one of the main reasons that the show is being loved by the audiences, although the characters that they have shown in the series seems like that they are overdone as the story doesn’t require so many characters but that is something that is a personal take, many of the people love that about the show but as per our perspective the show is containing too many characters.

Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 8 Review

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 Review

The episode was filled with seriousness throughout the time span of the episode and there was a quietness episode, it seems like that the episode was pretty tense as the clones were being hunted down by the stormtroopers and they managed to corner the clones at the end of one of the engines of the ship but at the end, Cad Bane who is a bounty hunter got the upper hand as he managed to snatch the Omega away and he even managed to wound the hunter and it is going to turn out that he is one of the assets and the guy has been more productive than clones and stormtroopers.

The show has become more interesting as they have been showing the first-person view in the episodes and that looks pretty fun to watch and it seems like that the action in the series is being loved by the audiences and the show is gaining more and more attention as the time passes by, star wars have a pretty big fan base and the people who are hardcore fans of the franchise are loving the series as the animations are too much fun to see as they can have the liberty of showing some stuff which is going to be difficult to show if you are making a movie of such a show, animation has definitely been the decisive point for the series and also the first person view has helped a lot to make the show more interesting than it already is.


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