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St. Louis Couple Who Pointed Guns At Protesters Plead Guilty!


The couple that is living in St.Louis made the last year’s headlines as they were pointing their guns on to people who were a part of that protest as they were near their home and too scared them away, they decided to pul out their guns as they were pointing at them to make them go away and it seems like that they are pleading guilty for the incident as they are trying to neutralize the situation so that they can reduce or eliminate their charges and this is being decided by court documents.

St. Louis Couple

St Louis Couple With Guns Plead Guilty

This has been according to the documents which have been obtained from St.Louis on Thursday, the couple have managed to gain National attention which was in June 2020, the name of the couple is Patricia McCloskey and Mark and they have been the national debate when they came out of their house with guns as they were them at the protestors to make them scared as the protestors were walking on a private street as they were going to the home of St.Louis mayor.

The videos that went viral on the internet of the couple in which you will be seeing the husband holding a rifle which is pretty long and his wife is holding a handgun as they are pointing them towards the protestors, in the plea agreement it has been stated that the couple is going to handover their semi-automatic rifle and the handgun which the couple was carrying in the video, it has been stated by the husband that he thought he was going get runover by the protestors and he thought that they were going to kill him.

It has also been stated in the documents that he has placed the husband purposely placed a person in a situation where he was highly close to getting harmed as he was holding a rifle directly at the crowd which he did in front of his home, he has been charged with 4th-degree assault and he is going to be facing 750$ fine and his wife has been charged with 2nd-degree harassment and she has to pay 2000$ which is according to the documents that have been provided by the court.

And it seems like that he did not learn the lesson yet as he has stated that he is going to be doing the same if a similar situation arises and that is going to be troublesome for the person.

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