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Squid Game Ending Explained: Who Wins the Game? Renewal Details!


Squid Game Ending Explained: A satisfying finale has been delivered when we talk about the Squid game which seems to delve so much more than knowing about who is going to come up on top in the deadly competition, for a series that has its plot pretty well explained and most of the people are aware as to what is the show is all about, still it shows which is full of surprises.

Squid Game Ending Explained

Squid Game Ending Explained

It seems like the show is packing a lot of punch, the show is coming out to be full of surprises to the audiences, the premise of the show is who is going to win the game but in reality, it is the least interesting thing for everyone who is watching the show, people are interested in seeing how they are winning it and what it all means for them.

We are here to break down the show for the fans of the show who are loving the twist and turns which are being portrayed in the series, the series is getting so much attention from the audiences that it is going to be criminal not to talk about the series in a detailed manner.

Who Wins Squid Game?

The final showdown was based upon the callback which was shown in the opening scenes of the series in which it was shown there are kids who are playing the titular “squid game” as Gi-hun is explaining the rules, the final face-off is going to be decided by a children’s game.

It seemed fitting as the final two contestants are belonging to the same town which also seems to be a little depressing, the final showdown happens between Cho Sang-Woo and Gi-Hun, Sang Woo has been deemed a success by society, and society has made Gi-Hun the failure and they are going to be facing each other in the final and decisive round.

You are going to see an ugly fight but in the end, Gi-hun is going to be the one who is going to come out as the winner, the VIP’S who were watching the game from their glided booths were in total shock as to what has happened.

Extraordinary Gi-Hun

It seems like Gi-hun is the extraordinary and the one who plays by his rules, Il-nam is going to tell him that he deserves the money because it is the logic under which his social group has lived, Gi-hun is someone who is refusing to spend it which is something that shows he is someone who doesn’t go by the rules if he thinks it is not right which shows a man who is built on his believes and he is being true to himself.


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