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SPUTNIK V: Russia Finally Claimed Its First Vaccine for COVID-19


Russia finally claimed its first vaccine for COVID-19 as ”SPUTNIK V”.It is the first country to develop the first vaccine which grants ”sustainable immunity” against soo called the  Chinese virus as proclaimed today by their president-Vladimir Putin. The country’s Sovereign Wealth fund maintained that Moscow has dubbed its new coronavirus vaccine-”SPUTNIK V” after the Soviet satellite. This was the great news in the morning as finally, the world’s first vaccine has arrived and this news was confirmed by Vladimir Putin through a  video conference call which was televised with government ministers.

The Russian president said that one of his daughters is already inoculated to this vaccine and he thought that his daughter indirectly took a role in this experiment. He said that one of his daughters has a temperature up to 100.4 Celcius on the first day, then she shot the first injection of the vaccine her temperature lows down to 98.6 celsius on that same day.on the second shot of the vaccine, the temperature rises but falls to normal in some time. By this, he proved that an indirect experiment of this vaccine has already been done on his daughter and the vaccine could now be used by anyone as he also said she had a high number of antibodies after the usage of the vaccine.


Putin insisted that the vaccine has already encountered all the essential tests and has confirmed adequate confirming the lasting immunity from the coronavirus. Thereby scientists wanted vaccines to arrive as soon as possible to positively confirmed people as the third phase of the trial began as it includes large involvement of people or thousands of people and which lasts for months which can rebound.

The government today told that the vaccine is now ready to use as all testing and needed procedures for checking it is done and it is safe. The health ministry department approved that vaccine discovered is suspected to grant immunity from coronavirus for up to two years period of time. Russian President Putin affirmed that vaccination would be deliberate.

Russian officials said that large scale production of vaccine-SPUTNIK V will be started in September and mass vaccination might begin as early as October. As the analyses of the vaccine had achieved, now the question hits what about the effectiveness and safety catch of it. Some of the Russian experts swore that the vaccine produced the coveted immune response and no side-effects at all.


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