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Spotify Birth Chart Music: How To Get Your Spotify Musical Birth Chart And Create A Playlist!


Spotify is one of the most prominent and trending streaming music services. It is a music app that has a number of users of it. This music app is mainly known for providing the songs as per the user’s taste. Yes, this app provides songs according to the taste of the users. This app divides the categories according to the user’s favorites. This app is liked by a huge number of people. Recently, Spotify has announced the latest campaign named “Only You” in which they have introduced some new and interesting features for their users.

Spotify Birth Chart Music

Spotify Birth Chart Music

On Wednesday, Spotify has revealed that they are going to start a new campaign Only You in which they bring some new features including the Audio Birth Chart, Your Dream Dinner Party, and Blend. Each new feature describes a unique and advanced quality which makes Spotify more interesting. First, we will talk about the Campaign which name is Only You. Spotify revealed the specifications of the campaign and all-new features. “Only You is all about celebrating how you listen.” The creators of these new features are very excited about launching the features on the app. Spotify has revealed each and every detail about the new features.

The Audio Birth Chart is one of the most interesting features of the Only You campaign. This feature will describe the sun, moon, and rising artist of the user. You might not know about the sun, moon, and rising artists so we would like to tell you that the sun will show the detail of those artists whose songs you listened to the most in the last six months. The next one is the moon that will show you the artist whom you listened to and that shows emotions and the weak side as well. And the Rising artists will describe the combination of sun and moon along with the artist to whom you are listening currently.

How To Get Your Spotify Musical Birth Chart

Your Dream Dinner Party is one more unique feature of the Only You campaign, in this feature, you are free to choose three artists to whom you would like to listen to them at the dinner. Spotify will prove you the mashup of these artists or their songs, particularly which will set the mood of the user. The “Blend” is also a cool feature of the campaign Only You, this feature is mainly for two friends. The speciality of this feature is that the user can merge his playlists with his friend according to their music tastes that will create one playlist that will contain both friends’ music tastes.

Now, we will tell that how the users can use the Audio Birth Chart on the Spotify app. It is quite easy to you this feature on the app. You just need to open the app and the Audio Birth Chart will be visible on the home screen. Somehow, if you can’t find the feature that means you need to update the app which you can do from the app store.

Here are the steps to use the Blend feature on the app, the steps are given below:

  • First, you need to click on “Create Blend” which will appear on the “Made for you.”
  • The next step is to click on “Invite” which will allow you to invite the friend by sending a text or email.
  • After this, once your friend will accept your invitation then Spotify will create a list which is called a custom tracklist, this list belongs to both friends. The list will contain the songs according to both friends’ tastes and preferences. Overall, the Spotify app has become a user-oriented app. Stay tuned with us for more updates.
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