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Spectrum Outage: TV services disrupted across Hawaii Spectrum outage due to technical issue


Spectrum Outage: TV services disrupted across Hawaii Spectrum outage due to technical issue: There are many Spectrum customers which have had no service on Saturday dating to 18th September, it has been stated by Spectrum, there is a technical issue which is causing a disruption, it is going to be temporary when it comes to the video services which are for customers in Hawaii.

Spectrum Outage

Spectrum Outage

It has been further stated by them, their engineers are working relentlessly to fix the issue and to restore the services as soon as possible and they have ended by apologizing to the customers for the inconvenience they have caused to the people using Spectrum, it has also happened at the day when the people were planning to watch UH game.

There are reports on the internet that are showing the number of reports which have been received by Spectrum in the last 24 hours and it seems like there are many customers who are not at all happy about what is going on, they have been having issues since 8:40 pm.

Most of the reports which have come have their origins from Roseville, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Santa Ana, Miliani Tower, Washington, Dallas, Los Angeles, Charlotte, D.C., Kailua Kona, Brunswick, Detroit, East Syracuse, and Kilauea. The reports have been constant, this is somewhere because of the live match.

It seems like the outage is still out there, it is time for the game at 6:30 pm, fans can also watch the match between Hawaii Rainbow Warriors game at Fox Sports as an alternative, there has been no update from the company as to when is this outage is going to break.

This seems to be a developing story and there are many things that are going to be stated as time passes by and we are going to be here for you guys to update you on the situation if something important comes up, as of now the fans are unable to watch the match and the alternative for it is to tune in to Fox Sports.

As of now, the company hasn’t updated anyone with a decisive time as to when the servers are going to be back online, there is no update as of now, they have only tweeted about the issue and have stated that the engineers at the workplace are doing their best to bring back the servers.

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