The next team which will be facing each other in the Spanish Liga ACB 2020, are Balaoncesto Malaga and RETABet Bilbao Basket. The match will be taking place in Spain. The team Unicaja Malaga is at the third position in Spain Liga ACB 2020. They have played a total of four matches until now. The team has faced victory in two matches whereas faced defeat in the rest two matches.

The winning percentage of MAL is 0.5. Previously MAL played against Baskonia. In the following game, MAL lost the game by just one point. The opponent team managed to score 87 points whereas MAL got stuck on 86 points. It was a very close defeat. Prior to this MAL played a game against Club Joventut De Badalona. This match was won by them where they scored 98 and 89 respectively. MAL has to improve their game if they want to continue in the league. Their form in the last five matches is W W L W L.

Spanish Liga ACB 2020

MAL vs RBB Team Squad

Baloncesto Malaga: Gal Mekel, Josh Adams, Alberto Diaz, Dario Brizuela, Axel Bouteille, Pablo Sanchez, Marko Simonovic, Adam Kaczynski, Deon Thompson, Carlos Suarez, Melvin Ejim, Volodymyr Gerun, Frank Elegar, Ruben Guerrero

RETABet Bilbao Basket: Jonathan Rousselle, Thomas Schreiner, Miguel Ruiz, Rafa Martinez, Tyler Haws, Tomeu Rigo, Quentin Serro, Jaylon Brown, Sergio Rodriguez, Diego Rodriguez, Emir Sulejmanovic, Arnoldas Kulboka, Ivan Cruz, Ondrej Balvin, Ben Lammers

RBB is in a very bad condition in the league. They are at the bottom of the league’s scoreboard. Their winning percentage is at 0.25. Till now they have played four matches and out of these four matches, they just won one match. The rest of the matches was lost by the team. They have been underperforming in the league and if they continue to play like this then it is going to be a struggle for them further in the league.

RBB played a match against Barca Basket, with a score of 73-85 points. Eventually, they lost the match. Before this, they played against Iberostar Tenerife, in which RBB has won the game with a score of 70-78 points. Their form in the last five matches has been W L L W L. Their play is not up to the mark and playing like this they will never be able to move further on the scoreboard. If the team RBB wants to remain in the league then they have to win this match against the MAL.


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