The next team which will be squaring off against each other in the Spanish Liga ACB 2020 is MoraBanc Andorra and Real Madrid at La Fonteta (Valencia). The final phase of the league is ongoing. Both the teams are in Group B.

The team RM has been doing well in the league. They are currently in the second position on the scoreboard. They have four points in their account. As of now, they played three matches. Out of the three, they won two matches and lost one match. Combining the matches they scored 269 points for the team and 250 against the team. Their last match was on June 22 against the team  Valencia Basket (VAL).

In the game, VAL scored 90 scores whereas RM managed to score 95 for the team. This was a clear win for the team RM. Prior to this match on June 20 they had a match against San Pablo Burgos (BGS). BGS in this game scored 87 points and RM scored 83, this match ended in a defeat for RM. In the last three matches, they were in the form W L W. If you want to rethe ach top position in the league then they have to perform really good.

MoraBanc Andorra vs Real Madrid

Match Details

ANR vs RM, Spanish Liga ACB 2020
La Fonteta (Valencia)
Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 10:00 PM

ANR vs RM Squad

MoraBanc Andorra (ANR): Clevin Hannah, Jeremy Senglin, Guillem Colom, Raimon Carrasco, David Jelinek, Frantz Massenat, Jonathan Barreiro, David Walker, Hugo Bartolome, Alexis Bartolome, Tyson Perez, Bandja Sy, Nacho Llovet, Babatunde Olumuyiwa

Real Madrid (RM): Facundo Campazzo, Sergio Llull, Nicolas Laprovittola, Juan Nunez, Rudy Fernandez, Jaycee Carroll, Fabien Causeur, Gabriel Deck, Jeffery Taylor, Trey Thompkins, Jordan Mickey, Usman Garuba, Felipe Reyes, Walter Tavares, Anthony Randolph

Talking about the team MoraBanc Andorra (ANR) they are on the sixth position on the scoreboard. As of now, they have played two matches. The team has lost both the matches and they don’t have any points in their account. Till now they scored 162 points for the team and 192 points against the team. On June 20 they had a match against the Herbalife Gran Canaria (GCN). GCN in the game scored 104 points whereas ANR scored 88 points. This was a solid defeat for the team. Prior to this on June 18 they had a match against Valencia Basket (VAL). In this game also ANR was defeated by VAL they had the scores 74 and 90 respectively. Their form in the last two matches is L L. 

ANR has to struggle hard to win this game. Their performance has been very poor till now but if they want to continue in the league then they must improve their gameplay. Let’s see who will win this game.


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