It seems like people are really disappointed and are angry about the amber plus list as there has been a new category that has been created by France which has happened last week, On 19th July the residents of the UK that have come back from the places that are in amber list destinations are free to avoid isolation if they have already received their second dose for the COVID-19 vaccine which should be at least prior to 14 days.

Spain Amber Plus List

Spain Amber Plus List

But it seems like that the government has banned quarantine free travel which is going to be happening from France on Friday as there have been different concerns that are being raised which is directed to the number of cases of the Beta variant which has been discovered in South Africa, The people are highly criticizing the amber plus list which is specifically being targeted by the traveling industry as it has thrown away many of the summer plans of many of the people.

Which Countries Are Added To The Amber Plus List

It seems like that the government is going to be looking upon Greece and Spain as they are planning to add them to the amber plus list, data has shown that the beta variant which is in Spain has the potency rate which is 3 times what is being seen in France and there has been a report by the Gisaid Research center that the cases that have come in Spain consist of 9.3% cases which are from the beta variant if you compare it with 3.7% which are being seen in France.

Spain seems to be in trouble as their 14-day rate of infection has now reached up to 377 cases which are per 100,000 people and that number is including many of the tourists from the UK which have come to Ibiza, Menorca, and Mallorca and if we talk about France then the rate is significantly lower as compared to Spain.

Rules And Regulations

There should be a PCR test which should be before 2 days of the arrival and there has to another PCR test that has to be done on the 8th day and the people who are done with both the doses can have a test on day 5 and can leave quarantine if the result is negative.


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