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SpaceX To Launch Pad After Starship SN15 upgrades


SpaceX is planning to do wonders again as it has cleared the launch pad which is in South Texas, they have cleared up their suborbital as they have upgraded the SN15 which is the successor of the earlier model, also the SN11 has been a failure because of which the SN15 is now having a chance to clear all the tests, sources say that SN15 has gone through hundreds of upgrades which makes it way better than all of its predecessors which includes SN8, SN9, SN10, and SN11. Before the launch of SN15 they have already tried to launch four starships before that but they have failed to do so.


Starship SN15 Upgrades

The spacecraft is about 50 meters that comes out to be 165 ft and the prototype is having an issue where its steel skin is getting frosted as the cargo seems to be extremely cold which converts the humid air into frozen ice. They are really counting on the SN15 beast of a machine as they have really up the game with this new starship and are on the verge of getting a touchdown from it, it’s not that the touchdown hasn’t happened yet, it happened with SN10 but the starship exploded after a few minutes of touchdown.

SN9 faced a problem where one of the engines didn’t ignite at all leading to its failure. SN8 faced an issue just a few minutes before the touchdown raptor engines got starved out because of the advanced pressurization system. Then the SN11 came up on March 30 which was launched at 6:30 pm according to the IST but it exploded above the altitude of 32000 ft. Many of the interested people were watching the launch live but after the explosion, the live stream faced a severe issue, and when the stream returned SN11 had already been crashed onto the launchpad.

So we hope that SN15 works out for SpaceX as they are really onto something big here and failures are ought to happen when you try to do something of this caliber. But we all know that they’ll come back stronger every single time and will get this done with soon.

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